Day: 8 April 2020

The board

Since 2021 the board has five members. 1. Mr. Hans Vissenberg, Chairman.2. Mrs. An van Damme, Secretary.3. Mr. Peter Engelen, Treasurer.4. Mrs. Mariëlle Jacobs, Member5. Mr. Bram de Muijnck, Member. Three members have a professional work relation with Special Need Education in The Netherlands. One member worked in accountancy and one in higher education . …

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Together with the local authorities and the university of Bahir Dar. At the end of 2018, begin 2019, Centrum International promoted a research to investigate the need of parents and their children when they leave school. And what could be the role in society for those children. With the outcome of the research Centrum International …

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About us

Because we like to create a world in which peace, safety, equality, tolerance, solidarity and mutual respect are basic values in life, we decided to contibute on this issue by developing a school project for children with an intellectual disability in Bahir Dar / Ethiopia.