Our member of the board Jan Mommers passed away

On behalf of the board, I unfortunately have to inform you
that on 11 May, our member of the board Mr. Jan Mommers passed away.

Jan was one of the founders of the board. He was one of the first who travelled enthusiastically to Ethiopia, where he and Christ choose to support special education children in Bahirdar.
This first visit was the beginning of our successful project.
Since then, our foundation has worked intensively to increase knowledge and provide information about children with intellectual disabilities.
As our construction expert, Jan has realized three beautiful school buildings.
Jan was a passionate architect. All our construction projects were designed by him and he always followed the progress closely. Jan kept an eye on every detail, was helpful but also firm when he proposed changes in construction. He was really proud of ‘his’ buildings.
As a board member, he was a valuable person to connect one and other. With his humor and the fact that he was so attentive to everyone, he created a great atmosphere.
Jan liked traveling a lot and he enjoyed his stay in Ethiopia to the fullest. It was a pleasure to be there with Jan. Jan was often recognized on the streets and he made many friends there. They will miss him, as much as we do.

Hans Vissenberg