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Project 2020 -2021

In cooperation with the university of Bahir Dar we held in 2018 an inquiry, lead by Mrs Hana Shiferaw, about the needs of parents who have children with Special Needs. That result was a start for a new project for the coming years. Centrum International will focus on special need education for elderly students AND their parents. Students will get additional vocational training, and parents will be trained how to support their children to explore their skills now and in the future. With those skills they will have a better chance to contribute their part in social life. Board members discussed this subject during the visit in November 2019 with Education Department and others. In a memorandum of understanding Cheshire Foundation, Education Department, Parents Union Association, Social Affairs and University members in Bahirdar and Centrum International agreed on working together to create a new project.

The project was scheduled to start in 2020. Unfortunately, due to COVID and domestic problems in Ethiopia, there has been a delay. At the beginning of this year, the partners of the project met on 25 January 2021 (See: Activities) and a restart was made. On 10 June 2021, a three-day conference was finally started with the support op Cheshire Foundation BDR. The new project is created by Dr. Rediet Mesfin Tadese and Mrs. Hana Shiferaw, lecturer Special Needs at the university of Bahir Dar.


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