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Our network in Bahirdar

To develop special need education for children with learning problems it is needed that there is a good communication platform with all the stakeholders. We are proud to work with NGO Cheshire Foundation Action for Inclusion, with Education Department of Bahirdar, Labour and Social Affairs Department in Bahirdar. University of Bahirdar (Peda), Parents Association for children with SN in Bahirdar, Principals of the three schools and of course parents and students. They are our stakeholders. Researchers of the university are invited to create a new project in which students with their parents can work together to make a better future for grown up people with Special Need in Bahirdar.

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Building class rooms

Children with Special Needs can best learn in safe and friendly surroundings. In Ethiopia the Special Need Education is integrated in the regular school system. It is still needed to create a unique place for those children. Untill now, Centrum International build three schools in Bahirdar near to a regular primary school. The Felege Abbay school, the Shimbit school and in Abay Madow the Teyma school. In this way it is more easy for special need children when they grow older to attend regular classes, if it is possible and realistic.

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Training and information

Training on the job for special need teachers. Training for regular teachers in the inclusive class rooms of the schools. Introduction how to recognise educational problems in pre school situations. Course and training for nannies . Vocational training. Training for regular school children. How to communicate with children with Special Need. Training for parents, caretakers and fieldworkers. Introduction and training for Parent Union for schildren with SEN. Training for staff members of the Education Department and principals of the schools.

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Activiteiten in het buitenland

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Activiteiten in het binnenland

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