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About us

Because we like to create a world in which peace, safety, equality, tolerance, solidarity and mutual respect are basic values in life, we decided to contibute on this issue by developing a school project for children with an intellectual disability in Bahir Dar / Ethiopia.

We started our project in 2007

In 14 years we achieved a lot!

Fourteen years ago we could not imagine that the project in Ethiopia was that successfull!

We started in 2007 with a small group of 7 children with an intellectual disability. In the last years Centrum International focussed on information for parents and other stakeholders, supporting teaching, giving courses and also build 3 new schoolunits. In 2018 we realized the 3rd schoolunit. Now we have around 100 children in our schools. For us it is only possible with the help of many sponsors and the support of the local authorities is Bahir Dar / Ethiopia.