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About us

Because we like to create a world in which peace, safety, equality, tolerance, solidarity and mutual respect are basic values in life, we decided to contibute on this issue by developing a school project for children with an intellectual disability in Bahir Dar / Ethiopia.

We started our project in 2007

In 15 years we achieved a lot!

Now we have around 100 children in our schools.

Special Need Education for children with learning problems developed more and more in Bahir Dar .
Various courses were given to teachers and parents in 2020 - 2021. The quality of education and support in society has increased. We started with one and now there are 14 specialized teachers. The Education Department asked us to support a 4th (existing) school and we made contact with the TVET-school so that our students can learn a trade/profession.
We can only realize this support with financial support from our sponsors and the support of the local authorities in Bahir Dar.


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